Trellis Envy

Mala Burt writes: Last week I was at Longwood Garden. The spring flowers, particularly the tulips, were spectacular. tulip-quilts-Longwood-for-w

Howeverr, it was the vegetable garden at Longwood that caught my eye. I was very interested in the types of trellises they had built to assist vining veggies. Here are some examples.bamboo trellis

The photo above is of a bamboo trellis. Flexible bamboo stakes are pushed into the ground and simply tied with twine at the top. I was curious that the plants below seemed to be cabbages. I wonder if they will tie floating row cover around the trellis to keep out the cabbage worms.

tri-post-trellis-with-grape I loved the look of this one. Stakes twined with grapevines. Of course, having some bright flowers here and there made the veggie garden less brown this early in the season. climbing trellis

This trellis would be terrific for growing cukes or squash.

I talked to one of the gardeners and asked about how they handled deer, rabbits, etc. Come to think of it, I didn’t see any squirrels. There was a pretty fence around this garden with rabbit wire at the bottom and the gates are closed at night. So that takes care of the rabbits. The deer are handled in a different way. They put up an electric fence and entice the deer by dabbing it with peanut butter. The deer get shocked and learn the boundaries. Here’s the kicker, however. They put up the fence every evening and take it down every morning. The visitors to Longwood never see the electric fence.