Panty Hose in the Garden

There are lots of uses for panty hose in the garden, but here are two you might not have thought of.

Those corregated tubes that you attach to your drain spouts and pull out to direct water away from your house are mosquito magnets. Each one of those corregations holds enough water to breed mosquitoes. Cut a pany hose in half and pull over the end of the tube and the mosquitoes can’t get in or out. You’ll have to clean the ends out from time to time, but fewer mosquitos, especially this year, would be wonderful.

drain pipe end with panty hose for blog

By the way, the plant on the right in the photo above is a poinsettia that somebody gave me for Christmas. It was on it’s last legs when I put a shovel in the dirt and stuck it in. Looks pretty happy to me a couple of weeks later. I doubt I will get energized enough to go through the hassle of digging it up and putting it in a dark closet come fall, but for now, it’s green and shortly will hide the panty hose end of the drain.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions: I had a spaghetti squash hanging from my vertical trellis. It was growing heavier by the day. I propped it up on the wire, but when I looked at it a couple of days later, the wire was becoming embedded in the squash. I didn’t see how that could come to any good end.

spaghetti squash before support

Then the “Aha” moment hit me. Panty hose! I cut a pair right through the crotch and tucked the squash into one leg. I tied the other end to the wire mesh to give it support. I’m not sure how I will know when the squash is ready to harvest, but gardening is a learning experience, after all.

spaghetti squash supported by panty hose for blog

In case you are like me and haven’t worn panty hose since 1987, you can get them at the Dollar Store in Easton.

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