Guests In the Garden

On Friday, June 14th, we had guests in the garden – more than seventy.

Green Thumb, a garden interest group of the St. Michaels Woman’s Club included the Wilson Reading Garden and the St. Michaels Community Garden on their annual Garden Tour. The garden paths were dressed with fresh chips and the beds looked terrific.

community garden 6-14-13

The driving rain that morning was a problem, but these women were all gardeners. They came dressed for the weather, carrying large umbrellas. The ladies arrived in staggered, small groups and Lin Clineburg, Nancy Beatty, Val Kenn Gray and Mala Burt were available in the two gardens to answer questions.


It was interesting how many of the visitors had not been to either garden. They had lots of questions about the process of creating the gardens, the people involved and how it all worked. They were impressed with the diversity of what people were growing in their beds, and with all the rain we’ve had, the gardens were lush and beautiful. Despite the weather, it was wonderful to have visitors and show off our hard work. All of you should be proud!

color in the veggies

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